Well, this is the first blog entry of this recently established blog.

The funny thing is I’ve developed even blog applications myself as a web developer for years but this is the first time I have a blog and write a blog entry! :)

I’m not sure how frequent I can write to this blog, nor guarantee I’ll keep blogging but I wanted to take a shot. It occurred to me that for years I’m sharing many information about my profession with my clients whenever they ask a question to me and certain questions are repeatedly answered as they are asked by different people all the time. So after so many years, I thought maybe blogging is not such a bad idea, at least by sharing this kind of information which can save me type same answers over and over again.

So I’ll give it a shot and see if this will linger. But instead of keeping a formal blog and blog everything in detail (like this entry!), I decided, sharing notes and ideas as they occur to me are more like me so if some blog entries are just brisk, please bear with me! :)