Everything started in 1983 when one of my friends invited me to his home to show me his brand new “Commodore 64″…

ok this is your last chance to get out of this page before I slowly and painfully drag you from 1983 to this year with a boring story. This is my blog so you should be thankful to me for not starting the story from 1881, the era of my grandfathers.

Anyway, Commodore 64 I saw in my friends house at that day when I was 12 literally fascinated me and it became my dream to own one. One year later, when I was 13, I did. Like every other C64 owner, I was into games but I didn’t stop there and 2 months after I have my first computer, I was starting “programming practises” with beloved C-64 BASIC language.

A few years later started the days of Amiga (first Amiga 500, then Amiga 1200), then PC era. In high school I was fluent in different computer programming languages and was president of school’s computer club.

Then something funny happened and I majored in “Law” in the college. (ok don’t ask why). During my law education, my enthusiasm for computers were still strong and I was taking computer programming courses and took computer programmer certificate and title during my law school study.

After law school, 2 more funny things happened:

1- I studied Law even more and got Master in Law degree (LL.M) (still don’t ask why)
2- I started my professional career as a Attorney at Law. (himm)

My law career went on for more than 10 years. During these days, I never left computers and programing but Information Technologies was just a hobby to me anymore. Yet it was a strong and ever growing hobby and with the start of internet era, I was right into web site building. I first started to build my own sites. They were all non-commercial and although some of them ended up being largest networks of their niches today, they are still non-commercial sites serving to good causes. While building my sites, I have to deal with web design, internet marketting, server administration, network security, SEO (search engine optimization) and web development and due to my programming background, web development (particularly with PHP/MYSQL) easily became my new fascination and recent focus.

In 2002 I purchased vbulletin license for one of my growing web community and while maintaining it and developing it with new additions and improvements, I learned vbulletin algorithm and code very well. I was patronizing vbulletin.org, the largest vbulletin modification community, releasing and sharing a lot of my work there which I coded for my site’s needs, helping other community admins with my vbulletin & community experience. I became a known hack coder in the community with many released hacks, then a Moderator, then Administrator of the community.

I was also helping fellow vbulletin admins for free with their struggles about their site and had developed a great friendship with many vbulletin powered community admins. Then some offered payment to cover my time commitment and asked me to help more, then more internet business offers followed and I suddenly found myself spending more time as a webdeveloper than as an attorney at law. Well it was hard days too, trying to keep up with 2 careers with long sleepless nights.

Finally this hectic routine called for a decision and regarding this blog, it shouldn’t be difficult to guess my decision was on “programming career” where my heart lied since 1983. 😉 So I dumped my law career and starting working as a full time webdeveloper and internet specialist.

Since then I am working with some of the largest vbulletin communities in the world as their webdev & consultant. Most of these communities are the ones I was helping years ago and even if I work professionally for them now, I still regard most of their owners as my friends since we developed a great relationship which goes on for many years.  Most of these communities are the largest web sites in their niche subjects in the world and has on-going and demanding work routines. So I don’t accept new clients and prefer to work with my old clients all the time.

At the same time, I still have my own internet sites, some of which are still non-commercial since these days but in time I also started some commercial (or semi-commercial) web projects too and I’m taking care of them together with my professional web development career. I also build new sites for myself when I can find some spare time but I must admit, finding some time for this is quite difficult for me

Since 2002, I expertised in many web-related subjects like internet marketting, search engine optimization, web programming, security, server management etc. and especially PHP driven web development but I am so consumed with vbulletin related web development & administration that, I no longer consider myself as a PHP developer. I’m more like a Vbulletin & community web site developer and consultant.

So I guess I could just put this last sentence to this page and skip the rest of the boring story but as I told before, it is my blog anyway! :) Thanks for reading.

And here is a few other pages to get to know better about me:
My Vbulletin.org Profile
Interview with me in TheAdminZone.com

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