This is by far one of the most frequently asked question to me. Whenever a new vbulletin version is released, I’m asked whether vbulletin board should upgrade to this version or not.

Well if your board is not hacked or at least not in a major way, to answer this question is very easy: yes, you should. However if your board is not hacked dramatically, you are not likely to ask this question anyway (at least not to me!) so nearly always I have to answer this question for large vbulletin communites which are hacked in a major way.

To answer this question at this scenario, you should always consider if the new features of vbulletin worths time and efforts to port your hacks and upgrade. This decision can change from board to board regarding the sophistication of its hacks, its budget for upgrade project and its goals and niche.

When vbulletin 3.0.x were first released, it was a huge lap from vbulletin 2.x and for most of my clients I suggested switching to this new version. When vb 3.5.x is released, I suggested heavily hacked boards to stick with 3.0.x and rest be upgraded. When 3.6.x is up, I suggested nearly all hacked boards to stick with its current version especially if it was 3.5.x anyway. Now 3.7.x is released and I believe that it is a good version to consider upgrading since it bring many new features to vbulletin which can be worth upgrading unless you are too tight in your budget, has very recently upgraded or very heavily hacked.

So bottom line is, yes vbulletin vb. 3.7.0 is a good jumping point for vb powered hacked communities to consider version upgrade. This suggestion will be stronger for communities who are still running on 3.0.x.

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