I’m sorry to inform that I don’t take new clients or custom programming projects. My blog is not for seeking professional opportunities, but it is just to share my opinions about my profession and web development business.

As mentioned in About Logician page, I am working with some of the largest vbulletin communities in the world for very long years and also try to find time to develop my own sites and communities so my busy schedule does not allow me to take new clients or custom programming projects anymore.

After this explaination, I’m always asked “ok then do you suggest anybody?” so here you go: :)

If you need a Server Admin to manage your dedicated server or fix server related issues, you can’t go wrong with Kevin Martin. I worked with Kevin in different projects for years and he is definetely one of the best server admins I have ever known with incredible experience with web servers (including large load balanced server clusters), server security and maintance. He is also one of the most responsive professional you can find, I guess he might be living directly inside his internet connection. [Edit in September.2008: Unfortunately Kevin has passed away in September 5th 2008. Rest in Peace Kevin!]

If you need a web designer or vbulletin skinner, Nicholas Mercader is the most talented designer you can find. He is a great artist who creates awesome web designs and he is also very knowledgable in creating vbulletin skins so he will be perfect for your custom skin needs. But AFAIK he is always very busy so you’ll be lucky if he can put you on his schedule. (ok I might be a little guilty on this too because I send too much work to him all the time!) :)

If you need somebody to install vbulletin related ready hacks, fix simple vb related issues, set up your board, do the basic installations and customizations, Michelle Waters can help you. She is not a webdeveloper so she can’t help you with custom coding projects or developing or modifying vbulletin hacks but if you are total newbie lost in the vbulletin admin cp even for basic tasks, you can ask her help.

As for my own profession, that is, vbulletin related web development needs (eg. developing custom vbulletin hacks, modifying/fixing existing hacks, building vbulletin integrated applications), unfortunately I can’t suggest any names. I’m in this business for a very long time and I didn’t know anybody who is both professional, talented, reliable, vbulletin-savy, easy-to-work with, responsive and willing to take such projects professionally. I knew many people who are responsive and reliable but don’t know vbulletin system well, people who are very knowledgeble on vbulletin but not reliable and trustworthy, people who have both assets but not willing to do custom vbulletin projects professionally and have other career choices for them etc.. So unfortunately I can’t give you a name for your vbulletin related development needs.

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